Stephen Shannon: Poet

1910 Man Writing
He was born in Tennessee about 1870 to parents born in Tennessee.  In 1910, he published a long narrative poem with a Davis, Oklahoma publishing enterprise called "Pascagoula".   He also authored "Golden Thoughts" but little has been uncovered so far on that work.  On the front page of the Nov. 25, 1909 Daily Oklahoman was his poem "Thanksgiving Thoughts".
On the 1910 census he is listed as a "cousin" residing in the home of Albert B. Wainscott in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He listed his occupation as "poet" and "writer".
All in all, however, he is a mystery outside of perhaps old reference works or newspaper articles not yet found.  No grave has been found either that identifies itself as belonging to a poet.  A mystery indeed.
His works can be downloaded at these locations.
"Pascagoula", J.W. Williams, Davis, Ok 1910 , 62 pages long. From the author's preface to the original:"  Introduction On the Southern boundary of Jackson County, Mississippi, is Pas-ca-gou-la Bay, which name is of origin, meaning Winning Maiden. Ancient Indian legend has it, that back in the dim, almost forgotten past, long before the invasion of white settlers in that country, a weaker tribe of Indians were being suppressed by a stronger one. After being practically annihilated, the remaining few assembled on the banks of the beautiful Pas-ca-gou-la and made one more stand for life and liberty; but rather than submit to capture and torture, drowned themselves in this bay. From this incident the legendary story Pas-ca-gou-la is woven and dedicated to all lovers of nature. The Author." It appears to have been republished by Forgotten Books in London.
He is mentioned on these sites:
"Celebrating the poetry of South Mississippi", SunHerald article by Tammy Leytham
April 8, 2013
"Historia", William Parker Campbell, volumes 1-46, indicates the title meant "Winning Maiden".
Anyone with information on this man, or his writing, is invited to leave a comment.

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