From the files of my book, SOONER SAUCERS, one of my favorite - and almost unknown stories of Oklahoma UFO's. Sept. 1966, Tulsa.

As I learned early in my research, one has to go deep - into the witness reports and associated data on a event in Project Blue Book. Read them and not the conclusions made by others. Some with the Project had little faith in people and so ignored everything they said anyway. Several, including Dr. Menzel, had presuppositions that belied adherence to an open mind and the potential for learning new things.

As a result, when the spin-doctors finished with this event, well to read the summary of this event, it looks pretty ho-hum.

Then when one digs deeper, scanning the sketch included by the witness and the parts left out of his statement by AF officials - it gets - interesting.

The witness saw the object officials would label a plane disappear into a vast dark mass of a craft....That part, however, never made it into the final public explanation of the event.

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