The author of this site is historian and author, Marilyn A. Hudson.     She holds degrees in history and library information studies from the University of  Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma.  

She has been a school library media specialist, an archives fellow, a public librarian and an academic library director.  In addition, she has been a professional storyteller sharing tales across the region for over a dozen years to listeners of all ages in schools, churches, and concert venues.

Her writing career began in 1979 and she had nearly 300 articles published in various magazines and newspapers over the years. She was winner of several awards from the Oklahoma City Writer's Club and first place winner in a national denominational writing contest.  Currently she manages several blogs and continues to write on a variety of subjects and in several genres.

She was researcher, lead writer and committee head for the history committee which put together the history of Southwestern Christian University called One Nightclub and a Mule Barn: The First 60 Years (Tate, 2006).   She was a contributing writer and researcher for the Bethany Centennial History Book (Quary, 2010).  It is now out of print but available in most local history collections in the area.

Her first book was in 2005, the children's work, Elephant Hips are Expensive which shared the story of how Oklahoma children rallied to raise money to buy an elephant for the zoo.  The fictionalized version was illustrated by then University of Oklahoma student, Haley Fulco.     In addition, she has had work included in three of the four volumes produced by the Red Dirt Book Festival Anthology series.

Her other titles include:
Into Oblivion: Murders, Missing Persons, and Mysteries (2015)
The Sword of Anath (novel). 2014
Murderous Marriages (2013)
Madame Delaine : the case of the daring girl detective, 2012
Noel Brooks, 2011
The Mound, co-written with Cullan Hudson, 2011
The Bones of Summer, 2011
Tales of Hell's Half-Acre 2011
When Death Rode the Rails, 2011
In Her Own Words, a compilation of inspirational poems by her mother with biographical narrative, 2010
Those Pesky Verses of Paul, (first issued 2008 and revised and reissued 2011)

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