EFFIE: Courtesan and Ghost?

For long years there has been a legend of a maid who committed suicide at the Skirvin but lingers on. She is thought to pinch men as they come out of the shower and otherwise let her presence be known to men who occupy a room.

Yet, searches for deaths matching this hotel maid Effie have always come up short. Knowing what I do about the nature of folklore, urban legends, and people's memory's, I have suspected the woman is real but the place may be off.

Recently the case of EFFIE FISHER came to light. She was a 'courtesan' - code word for you know what - who was murdered by bullets fired into her dressing room from by an unknown assailant. Strangely, she had been to the police just that day telling them if she died it would this particular man who would be responsible.

The man went on trail but was acquitted of the murder of the woman. Her resort, and places she went frequently, were all in the area surrounding the present day Skirvin.

I suspect she may be the "Effie" because really guys, if a woman is going to be peeking and prodding you, doesn't it make more sense for it to be a 'courtesan' than a chamber maid?

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