Several advertisements for 'bungalows' appeared in early Oklahoma City newspapers. They appeared to be centered in the NE 8th and NE 9th areas. The ads found (to date) appeared in 1907-1910. Several ads in 1904-1906 are being explored as well.

A 1907 ad described a bungalow for sale somewhere "near Emerson School" (715 N Walker area). In 1908, the ads were numerous and located houses on West 2nd, West 9th, East 7th, East 10th, 18th and 20th Streets.
An interesting sidebar was several of these were offered by a "Miss Corder with the Cowthorne Co." An early female real estate agent?
In 1909, larger "modern" bungalows were being advertised, such as the large home on 18th near Shartel, a seven room at 410 Maple on two lots, 705 W. 25th, 1441 W. Main, and on 26th Street.

In a 1915 edition of the Oklahoman, an article stated "100 Homes Built Here During Year: Bungalows Predominate as Type of Construction in Buildings". The hugely popular style was slated to reach 400 in the coming year due to its style, attentions to detail, and its price range of $12,000 to $40,000.
There was in the bungalow, quite literally, a style for almost every pocket book. It was the emergence of the American middle class and the "home ownership" movement that merged individualism, modernity (freedom from the stuffy Victorian styles) and a decidedly American equalization of status in society that made these homes real estate winners. Add to that in the coming years the "kit" houses, from Aladdin and Sears, that were easy to deliver, easy to build, and easy to buy and the stage was set for wide spread home building. "On Capital Hill, throughout the precincts of University and Putnam and other additions...their tile, slate, or shingle roofs cover comfort and inviting elegance."

The ubiquitous bungalow, so carelessly cast aside and denuded of its many charming and unique features is worthy of salvation through restoration. The bungalow, and the larger arts and crafts movement styles, were all designed and carried out with charming attention to creating an "atmosphere" of harmony, of integration of nature and art, and a space to feed the inner soul as well as protect the outer being .

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