The Good Wife's Guide
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Although of questionable origin the 'guide' is reflective of attitudes by many in the time period. No accurate source has yet been found for the list of suggestions, but similar bits of advice could be found in smaller publications of thr 1950's and 1960's and even into the 1970's. I know, I read them. I remember reading one small booklet from a small publisher (it may have been Standard Publishing) with advice for husbands and wives. Some true gems of this genre can also be found in the books of advice for wives of pastors. The military also produced, I am told, a forminable book for officers wives and base living during the time period of the 1950-1970's

Although this "Good Wife Guide" is a no doubt a mock up done to press home a point - they may not have had to go far to glean the tidbits of advice. Who may have put this together? The list is endless.....

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