The dawning of the new year has been punctuated by stories from around the globe of mysterious booms, explosions, and rattles for which no clear answers have emerged.  Some videos are clearly hoaxes but others are catching something but it is not clear what.

In January reports came from rural Poland, Indiana, Budapest, the Czech Republic, Romania, Arvada in Colorado and Toronto.

In February came reports from Alabama and in March from Savannah and from British Columbia a rumor of a barn leveled by noise and mystery sounds from Clintonville, Wis.

Is it just coincidence that on Jan. 18 came reports of sounds in two locations which can be linked by a straight line?  

Draw a line - a pretty straight one at that - from Arvada, Colorado to  Toronto, Canada and you see if passes very near the area of Clintonville, Wisconsin. This was the site of the very recent mystery booms.

Reports of booms or explosions reported from Savannah can also produce a straight line to the area north of Montgomery, Alabama where unexplained explosion sounds were reported.  A year apart - but still reported and on a straight line.

So - are the sounds then man made from some unknown craft flying at supersonic speeds? How many other reporting sites can be connected on a straight line? 

 Are they harbingers of  subterranean activity?  Clintonville is just north of the location of Wisconsin's largest earthquake. Are the recent unusual earthquake activities reported all up and down the Mississippi corridor part of a widespread and as of yet unidentified motion of the earth?

In 1997 in the South Pacific, off the western coast of southern tip of South America the 'Bloop' was discovered (50 degrees S, 100 degrees W).  This strange sound is unidentified with some thinking it is biological noise while others believe it is sound generated by the earth. Are changes in climate setting some acoustic action in motion unknown until now...just as the sounds from the bottom of the ocean  were unknown until 1997.

For an interesting discussion of Lovecraft and the Bloop click here.

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