The ubiquitous windmill, featured in the early painting of nearly every would be artist of the west, is a haunting image often set in lonely desolation.  A rusting vestige, even if still in use, of simpler and harder times.  Odd, near anomalous skeletons of a dead past - like this image of a windmill bumping up to a road - a holdover of a time when the road was much more narrow and further to the south.  Now, however, as the 21st century dawns a new type of wind power is being seen in structures surely to be as iconic as the old wind wills pumping water from deep in the earth. These mills seek to capture the power of the wind - that constant and powerful force so loved and hated by inhabitants of the plains.  They are already providing new sources of power, income, and visions of a renewed future booming with potential and hope.

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