This smiling family group were caught enjoying a swimming area in Oklahoma (most likely either Creek or Oklmulgee County).  Note there is either a windmill or water tank in the upper right corner of the image and three people at the far side of the pond or lake. 

They are left to right: Jesse Marvin Hudson, Effie A. Ray Conner Hudson, Jess Hudson, and Freeman Conner.  Based on the fact Jess died in 1929 in a gas line explosion in Bristow, Oklahoma and the fact the youngest child was born in 1915, this image was taken about 1920. They epitome of swimming fashion, the family looks to be having a grand time beating the heat in eastern Oklahoma. 

Hudson Family, eastern Oklahoma, ca 1920


Sebastian Clouth said...


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Shelley said...

You don't know any more about that gas explosion in Bristow, do you? I have a great uncle who was killed in an explosion in Bristow in 1929, March 21st, I think it was, but I don't know if this is the same explosion...no details were available to the Lehigh OK paper that printed his death (he was born there). I'd love to know anything you know about this explosion (how many can there have been in 1929 in Bristow?)



Shelley: The explosion which killed Jess Hudson was in August of 1929. I will see if I can track down any other explosions in Bristow for that year.

Shelley said...

That's very kind of you. Patrick James Harley was only 45 when he was killed.

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