St. Luke's Hospital, Wellington, Kansas

Personal collection of M.A.Hudson
The original hospital opened about 1910 and was sponsored by the Episcopal church.   In the 1920's a larger facility was built and was added to and finally torn down and a new faciluty built there. Today the hospital lives on as part of the Sumner County Medical Center.   Wellington, like many communities, changed vastly from its early foundings to its current form.  I called this location home for all of my life til I was about twenty, yet I never knew the majority of the town had been destroyed in a tornado in the early years. Huge buildings had once dotted its cityscape and fine homes had been built, destroyed, forgotten, and simply not spoken for decades. I think of this when someone decries some conspiracy theory saying no one could keep a secret for very long.   Yes they can.

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jakjbs said...

Do you know what year this is? Does this building still stand?

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