Undiscovered Country

Woodward Museum

"Archaeological surveys for highway construction near Mooreland in the 1950s exposed the Hedding Site and the Richards Site, both with evidence of habitation and house construction that may date from time of the Late Prehistoric Plains Village farmers in western Oklahoma, A.D. 800 to 1400. "

At the delightful Woodward Museum is a topographical map marking prehistoric history of the area. Along Doe Creek could be found the Hedding Site mentionde above and dated to about A.D. (C.E.) 1450 and further east the Loomis cemetery site dated to about A.D. (C.E.) 1200.

It is a fascinating reminder that other cultures lived in this land for thousands of  years before other people traveled inland from the eastern coasts.  The land in this part of Oklahoma may be plain, flat, and a little dull for some people, it has a fascinating history filled with wonder and mystery.  What were the stories of those sites? The adventures and the hardships?

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