The historic roadway known as "Route 66" takes a small turn in Oklahoma City (map) and as a result offers some interesting sites to see.  The Gold Dome, the Milk Bottle Building, and Wesley United Methodist Church.

Wesley UMC was established in November of 1910 by Bishop Quayle.  The current classic English Gothic style building was formally dedicated as the Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church in 1928.  Rising high above the surrounding residential area, it would have been plainly visible to those motoring 'the road.'

Route 66 traveled along 23rd Street (great detail map) between the area of the Capitol complex and just east of Oklahoma City University - taking it past the location of Wesley UMC.  Some historic signs signify some of this area but it is begging for a higher profile treatment to preserve the unique travel route through the area. 

Gothic Interior
of Wesley UMC

Within a short distance of the 'road' was the historic cemetery of early Oklahoma City where both the noteworthy and the notorius found their final rest. Fairlawn Cemetery was established in 1892. 

A novel building featuring a milk bottle reminds of the industry that once thrived and the creative way businesses promoted attention. A few block further, just north of 23rd street on Classen, is the old The Townley Milk Company building owned noe by Braum Dairy.

The historic Gold Dome is a newer structure in a geodesic dome. It was built in 1958, as the glory road was dwindling, and is now on the Register of Historic Places.  It is struggling to be preserved and recognized as a linchpin of the emergent "Asian District."  

Surrounded by historic residental areas and hope to be historic areas, and other areas,  the Asian District, the art centered Paseo district, and historic Route 66 the area is a potential gold mine for development building on these unique and heritage rich elements. Hopefully, as Steven Lackmeyer also hopes,  more city and local leaders will recognize the need and benefit from highlighting this area as a broader "Route 66-OKC" tourist feature. 

Wesley UMC
The Wesley UMC retains many significant aspects: artistic, original stained glass dating from its building in the late 1920's.  Highly detailed Gothic architecture reflects the teaching moments of the Middle Ages churches. In that distant era church goers often did not understand the Latin of the old church services, they were uneducated, and illiterate.  The old catherdrals were often called 'sermons in stone' because of their use of artistic means to teach Bible stories and theology.  The Sanctuary of Wesley is laid out in the classic shape of a cross, the doctrine of the trinity is expressed through the use of classic symbols and the groupings of doors and lights in sets of three.

Deeply imbedded into the early history of Oklahoma City, this stretch of Route 66 offers glimpses of both a bustling growing modern city but also rare glimpses of the rich heritage hiding around nearly every corner. 

Put the sunglasses on and take a trip down old Route 66....Oklahoma City Uptown area.

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