Overholser Mansion Mystery

In 2011 after a special program of haunted stories at the Overholser Mansion in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with storyteller Marilyn A. Hudson, some guests lingered visiting.  At the bottom of this staircase a visitor snapped a photo to catch the stained glass window and sweep of the stairs.  To her surprise the pillar of light and the faint swish of pale movement was caught. She snapped another photo right after and it was not there.  

She shared the image with me and I have been unable to explain it. I was there, I saw it happen and do not think the woman attempted to hoax in any manner whatsoever (she shared the image with me even!).   This is a staircase and a house with many experiences that suggest the family that had so loved this house may have lingered on.

JS2011/Mystorical 2013

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