The Arlington in Oklahoma City

In 1903 an ad ran in the local Oklahoma City newspaper for 'The Arlington'.  It boasted a telephone exchange (131) and 'modern conveniences'  and 'furnished rooms' where 'transients were welcome'.  The establishment was managed by Mrs. M. McDonald and was located at 507 W. 2nd. (Oklahoman, Feb.16, 1903, pg.6)
Just a few years later, in 1908 it was identified clearly as belonging to notorious local madam, Big Anne.  Arrested when it was shut down in February of that year were: Big Anne Baily, her husband James Bailey, Mary McDonald, Agnes Taylor, Etta Carl (who may have been known by the name Etta Woods), Rose Jones, Marie Hayes, Beulah Penny, Pearl Stone and Jimmie Stone. (Oklahoman, Feb. 6, 1908, pg. 9).
Today this site is covered by a parking lot at the corner of Robert S. Kerr and Hudson Ave. (Progressive Parking) in Oklahoma City.  It is just north of the new Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

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