Halliburton Department Store - Oklahoma City

During its life the Halliburton also existed in partner forms.  Scott-Halliburton (later Gloyd-Halliburton, McEwen-Halliburton, finally simply Halliburton's) (Oklahoma City). 

The popular department store was 118 feet high with 8 floors and 4 elevators and was constructed in 1920 at 327 West Main, it was a leading Oklahoma City department store until 1960 when urban renewal spelled its demise.

This sticker was on the back of a framed photograph.  

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Anonymous said...

Tonight I found a print of St.Cecilia with the same sticker on the back. Left with a note that said from with a question mark. It is clearly worn but beautiful. I wish I knew who to thank other than God.

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