A White Ribbon Around the World

"WCTU Window at Wesley UMC, Oklahoma City"

"The white  ribbon bow was selected to symbolize purity, and the WCTU's watchwords were "Agitate - Educate - Legislate." (WCTU History, WCTU webpage)
In Oklahoma City there is a window in a church that has been called "The Tie Around The World" and was donated in 1928 by the WCTU "for God, Home and Every land."   Several women of the Wesley Methodist Church were active members of this citywide organization.
In a book on the windows  it was noted the ribbon signified a pledge members made around the globe to pray at noon each day.  (These Stones Will Shout, pg. 41)

The white ribbon bow of the WCTU was seen early in this form:


It is clear stylistically that the globe or world and the white ribbon tied around its girth symbolizes the white bow and its reach around the globe for the purpose of bettering the lives of communities and women through missionary outreach and social reforms in the area of drink.

The history of the WCTU in Oklahoma dates back into the 1880's and the Indian Territory.  As Oklahoma City grew - and with it the notorious area known as  "Hell's Half Acre" - the WCTU established itself in the community. 

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