A recent news piece about a demon possessed house and family in Illinois reminded me of stories mentioned in passing conversations with people about certain areas and the ghosts who resided there.  I have long had a theory that paranormal investigators would do better to dig into history than just go with a 'it-sure-looks-haunted' investigation approach.

In my research I have found numerous places were haunt-worthy activity occurred but because of where it is located no one  has thought to conduct any research.  Instead, the focus is always on a location safely described as 'spooky' or creepy or eerie.

One location that might bear a fruitful investigation is within spitting distance of a freeway.  Another, just off a busy main street and still by a lake. Murder most foul occurred in all of these places, but decades later, no one has ever been charged.  Dozens of such places exist just waiting for some one to go to the historical record and then look for the mystery.

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