Unknown Dead

It was April, pre-summer, and two small boys were out playing in the industrial wasteland of their world of SE 7th  through 9th streets in 1947 Oklahoma City. Clyde Franco was 9 years old when he and his friend George Alvarado were exploring and a made a ghastly discovery.
Within the shadows of People's Packing Company at 130 SE 7th was a sewer outlet.  That April evening about 6 p.m. the two boys made a discovery that brought local police, the acting coroner and the curious.  
A woman about 40 years old and wearing only a slip and a bobby sock on the left foot was found in the sewer outlet. Her skull had been crushed and she had been dead about a month.  Her head and hands were so decomposed it presented a problem with identification.
Local police called it a "baffling mystery" and mysterious it remains. No follow up story could be found as to any identification or arrest made.  Who was this woman? Who, more importantly, was her killer?
--Marilyn A. Hudson, 2015, from "Into Oblivion"... 

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