Old and Fascinating

Cigarette boxes were once a have to have item for every home. Now, in films, they warn of incidences of "historical smoking."  Watching an old, old murder mystery from the 1930's I saw one of those boxes in use in a scene.  I ran across a box at a second hand store and think it might be one of those boxes or one called a "trinket box".  It appears to be from a heavy glass that may be a pale blue.  The top has a badly flaking off celluloid or plastic decal of flowers. Where this has chipped away the box looks more blue; where the decal rests it  has a darker mint green tone.  I suspect that the entire box may have had a coating or decal applied to provide the color of the box.  The metal is gold tone. There is absolutely no markings on it at all. It is, indeed, a mystery of history.

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