INTO OBLIVION: Research Locations

Chances are excellent that a killer or killers came down this road May 31, 1958 and offered a ride or coerced a young bride into their car and sent her on a long journey INTO OBLIVION.
Author of INTO OBLIVION, Marilyn A. Hudson, ready to confront who ever was responsible for the disappearance of Carol Batterman in 1958. In the general location of a popular local bar featuring blues music today, the eager young bride shown below left the now demolished  Crown Motel (along HWY 77 in Moore, OK and in the general area of this photograph) to go house hunting. She has never been seen since. Some tantalizing clues emerged in the search but mostly pages of unanswered questions. 
Carol Batterman, Disappeared May 31, 1958, Moore, Ok. Anyone with information should contact the Cleveland Co (OK) Sheriff's Depart. Photo courtesy of The Charley Project.
Stiles Circle, one of the areas involved in several gruesome unsolved murders occurred in Oklahoma City in the 1970's and 1980's.  Unsolved to this day the murders of several Native American women working, it is believed, as prostitute's were savagely killed.  Some wonder if such a ferocious killer could have simply stopped?  Did he move on somewhere else? Are there, in some forgotten place other of his victims waiting to be found?

This, and many more stories and the stories of the victims, are found in the new book INTO OBLIVION available on Amazon. 

Note: Author Hudson is shown in front of one of the businesses lining this stretch of road today. The Boubon Street Bar is a well know night spot featuring great Blues and other music.


Anonymous said...

Ms Hudson, thank you for your work on this case. As a private detective here in Oklahoma, this is a case that I look at from time to time when I have the time. Very interesting.
T. Thiessen


Indeed a fascinating case. I hope you will explore some of the other cases I profile as they provide just as interesting mysteries. I have been so touched by the tragedy of the Yukon Torso and intrigued by similarities with cases in Texas and New Mexico. I think it would be good to be able find answers after all of these years.

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