Dead Man's Crossing of the Canadian

For years there has been mention of a "Deadman's Crossing" near Oklahoma City.  There has been mention of one near Quapaw but the two closest to the Oklahoma City area include a location just south of Oklahoma City on the Canadian River. There is another one that is supposed to be at the bridge just south of the dam on tenth street. 

In a 1891 issue of a local paper was a short piece informing people that the body at the dead man's crossing of the Canadian had been removed for purposes of road work. Readers were assured the remains had been moved to more pleasant surroundings.

The cause of death for the individual who gave the area its name of 'Deadman's Crossing' was unknown.  It was noted that various and sensational theories had been advanced from complex robbery by highwaymen to revenge and similar ideas.  What was more rooted in unspecified facts were that it was believed he died from a 'disreputable quarrel' that drove his slayer from the area almost immediately. [Oklahoma City Times-Journal, Dec. 4,2 1891, pg.4]

It is unclear at present which suggested location is referred to in the 1891 news article.

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