Rest IN Peace Paula Sue Steinback.

Today June 30th marks the 50th anniversary of the discovery of Paula Sue Steinback.  A heart-felt message was left on the page by the grandmother of this victim. However, due to legal constraints, I am un able to post all that this family member had to say. 

See the complete entry related to many lost children at  ALL THE LITTLE CHILDREN
 In June 1966 in Aurora, Colorado a nine year old, Paula Steinbach, was found in a cave under a shed used as a playhouse. It appeared her clothes had been disarranged. [ “Body of Girl Found in Cave,” The Oklahoman (June 30, 1966) pg. 42].

The family member continues to believe in the guilt of the suspect of that crime.  "I am fearful for the little girls living in his community. The young residents dwelling in his neighborhood may need to be advised of his past murderous history and their parents and grandparents need to be cautious. The victims of these crimes typically are forgotten after a period of time--but I will never forget Paula Sue Steinback or the overwhelming grief her family experienced."

Paula Sue Steinback was murdered by [name redacted] at the age of 9 and my precious little granddaughter will soon be turning 9 in July of this year. Sadly, there are millions of [predators ] out there looking for children. God Bless Paula Sue...



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