Marketing and publicity are the lifeblood of many projects. In 1918 in Oklahoma City, the Chamber of Commerce was struggling to think of a clever way to highlight their new waterworks and dam. They were so proud of the new constuction. It marked a real achievement and landmark in the development of the community.

The City had suffered, in its early years, with massive floods that had devastated wide areas of the community. They were justly proud that they were moving on to tame the water ways and make flooding less severe in the future. When they approached the pastor of the First Methodist Church, the Rev. I. Frank Roach, with an idea he turned them down.

The idea? Find a couple who wanted to be married and perform the ceremony on the new dam. The reverend said such a frivolous action did not agree with his beliefs about the sanctity of marriage or sacredness of the rite of marriage.

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