In 1904 Oklahoma City, a strange site met residents and visitors one chilly spring day as they looked at South Broadway. Marching casually up from Reno street, yet with a destination in mind, were two men, John Aiken and James Sharp, a woman, Melissa Sharp, and a 12 year old boy, Lee Sharp. Declaring himself "Adam God" Sharp would prove an interesting character. What was unusual was they were all stark naked.
Arrested, charged with lunacy, and ordered out of the state, they were back in 1906 in a cult community, Eden, in south Oklahoma county.
A few years later, 1908, the group (which now included a second in command, Louis Pratt) had gone to Kansas City where they had caused a riot where five people died and Sharp (and possibly his wife) was ordered to prison for his role in the riot.
The group have been a part of the Morman faith or confiscated some of the terms and teachings of the "Adam God" doctrine of Brigham Young.

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