Shady Lady Ghosts and Others

Here are a few of the locations brought to my attention.  If you have a story of a fallen, shady, or merely unsteady lady associated with a hotel, mansion, or drawing room, please contact me.

Tombstone, Arizona
The place called 'Big Nose Kate's, in the heyday of Tombstone when they licensed about 3,000 ladies of the night.  Her real name was Mary Katherine Harmony and she haunts her place.

Flagstaff, AZ
The Museum club , built in the 1930's, may be haunted by past owner Thelma and her husband.

Hotel Monte Vista, has a story of two women from the 'red light district' to the south who were a) murdered in one of the rooms, or b) were thrown from the windows in one room. The room is the 'Gary Cooper', named for one of the Hollywood actors who would stay there while filming nearby.

Jerome, AZ
The 'Inn' boasts a shady lady who remains to taunt guests and staff named ,'Jennie'.  Once a booming mining town with heavy traffic in sin some inhabitants may linger.

Dorrington, California
In the hotel of the same name, the love of the builder is said to still haunt the place in a calico dress from her time in the 1870's.

Jersey Bridge, California
A Spanish woman was said to have been lynched there in 1851 during the summer.  She had murdered a man who made unseemly advances toward her and local town folk took exception. A men's club in a nearby town had her skull for many years for secret rituals - so no wonder if she walks!

Grass Valley, CA
In the hotel Holbrooke, a blond ghost is said to walk.

St. Louis, MO
Bissell Mansion Resturant, a womann is said to haunt the building in a white gown and an otherworldly glow.

Chicago, IL
A woman in red had been reported in windows and photos in the Excalibur Club in downtown windy city. She appears to be in her 30's-40's and may be wearing clothes from the time of a deadly fire nearby in 1915.

Santa Fe, NM
Lo Posada claims the ghost haunting them is Julie Stabb who was severely depressed after the death a child that she stayed in her room, the present # 256, until her death in the 1890's.
La Fonda Hotel claims until the 1990's a woman in white hung around their place and may have been a bride murdered shortly after  her wedding.

Cloudcroft, NM
A  young ghost named Rebecca is said to haunt the lovely hotel.

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