A NEW RESEARCH PROJECT: Missing People 1950's

Writing and researching for some of the books I write involves a lot of background digging and sometimes all the information is not found in archives, old newspapers, or on library shelves.  I am looking for information on some people who went missing in the 1950's in Oklahoma.  They appeared - briefly - in local papers but then were pushed off the pages as new hot stories emerged.   I am working on an upcoming writing project dealing with some missing, and sadly found, victims in this time period. Your help is appreciated.

I am  looking for anyone with information about the following:

Shirley Ann Cuica, Capitol Hill student?, walked to a store in OKC and never returned [disappeared in April; family had moved from Chicago in January and owned property in Missouri]
Charlene Wright, Capitol Hill student?, walked to a store in OKC and never returned

Mrs. Ruth Elizabeth Gee, June; Dorothy Moss, OKC reported missing July 23 (Fri); Tillie Mae Pennington (reported missing Monday July 26 (Mon).\; Sept. two unnamed teenage girls reported missing; were they ever found?

Denise Barry, Missing Sept. 3, 1958, left school early and never returned

Dorothy Jean Collinsworth, April 14, 1959

(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons--public domain)
Please email me here, if you have information.

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