What are the odds of two murderers having the same name? Strangely that is what happened in the case of a couple found in the Mohave Desert in 1948 and a series of women killed in Alaska in more recent years.  The criminal in both cases was named Robert Hansen but no relation to each other apparently.
In May of 1948 the headless and handless bodies of an east Los Angeles radio store owner and his wife were discovered in an isolate area of the Mojave Desert (AP "Bodies of Decapitated Pair Discovered in Desert Grave", May 17, 1948).
They were each wrapped in a blanket and were trussed in wire.  They had been shot to death as the result of an altercation with Hansen.  He had attempted to incinerate the hands leading to his actions being discovered.  He was given a life sentence on July 27, 1948.
The "other" Robert Hansen was a serial killer who murdered dozens of women in Alaska in the 1970's and 1980's.  He used his bush plane to ferry women into his remote cabin and then to bury their bodies in the harsh and hard to access terrain of the area. He died in 2014 while in prison.

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