Gruesome Deaths Still Unsolved

In the book, Into Oblivion: Murders, Missing Persons and Mysteries, author Marilyn A. Hudson explores several true life mysteries.  Many of them are based in Oklahoma, with others in Texas, Missouri and New Mexico.

  • The unsolved murder of a butchered body found west of Oklahoma City in 1951. The wife and mother walked home from work but ran into the wrong person.
  • The unsolved murder of a young hitchhiker near Yukon. Links to the previous case and to the heart of OKC itself?
  • A string of mysterious, bloody, and still unsolved murders involved butchered bodies in southern Texas and New Mexico. Are they all connected?
For your ghoulish reading pleasure, get this book (in print or Kindle) and explore the twists and turns of people who found themselves on a road leading "Into Oblivion."

For interviews, please email author Marilyn A. Hudson.

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