What Really Happened to 'Dynamite Dick"?

Charles Daniel, aka "Dynamite Dick", Clifton was born about 1865 and died November 7, 1897 near Checotah in Indian Territory (present day Oklahoma).  The question has to be asked about this man often labeled the "most killed outlaw in America", is that information accurate?

He was missing several fingers and the story of just how they went missing seemed to change as well. Some claimed he had been a miner or worked in train robbery with dynamite and was a little too slow and lost some digits.  Other sources claimed he had them shot off in the U.S. Marshals vs. Outlaws in Ingalls, Oklahoma in 1893.

He was said to have been killed near Blackwell, Kay County, Oklahoma in 1896 by U.S. Deputy Marshal Chris Madsen.  Yet, in November of 1897 there was a long, detailed story about the killing of the digit deprived desperado near Checotah, I.T. (present day McIntosh County in the southeast corner of the state). 

It was recounted in the news article of the Daily Oklahoma State Capital (Guthrie) of Nov. 22, 1897 (pg.3) that he had been involved in numerous robberies, including the 'Southwestern Bank Robbery" and it was claimed he led the 'Red Fork Train Robbery' (about 1893). The last of which took on a near legendary aura over time. He was one of the original Dalton gang, he had robbed post offices at Rock Island (KS) and in Foyil (OK). He had enjoyed the luxuries of jails in Paris (TX) and in Guthrie (OK).

It was a close Doolin gang cohort as well and led in the famous jail break at Guthrie in 1896 where several bad men escaped.  He was in the Cook gang in all of their raids.  He was described as being big, heavy set, well muscled and having a fair intelligence.  He was known as a shrewd scout and was labeled " the most dangerous criminal and outlaw".

In November he was tracked by law into thicket forested areas of southeast Oklahoma and took shelter in a small house where an "Indian Woman and boy" were.  Attempting to use them as a shield, the law finally got the them out and then a gun battle ensued after which he was killed.  A grave site in Muskogee seems to indicate the truth of the Checotah death in November of 1897. The government, apparently, footed the bill. Plus, there was the rewards of $2800 paid to U.S. Deputy Marshall Lawson for the death of Clifton.

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