Where Were the First OKC Schools?: First African-American School in 1889

The land run of April 22, 1889 saw thousands of settlers establish a growing community in just hours. It did not take them long to establish churches, government offices and schools.

In October  a school for white children opened in what was then known as South Oklahoma (anything south of Grand Avenue). It was organized at the corner of Washington (area of SW 1st) and Broadway.   Parents were urged to send along any books so they could build a library to help them until funds developed to build a proper collection of books.

In November school officials announced a school for 'Negro children' had also been established with a well qualified teacher from Texas. Further more, the school would be free to all living in South Oklahoma and for a $1 a month to any living outside that area.  There was no address listed in the article found sharing this information in 1889.

Does anyone know where this school was located?  The names of teachers?  Students?

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